Mike Priebe CDP
Senior Digital Product Designer
Vancouver, Canada

Helping Startups Launch With Engaging UX/UI Design

Product Design Upshots

Make Tedious Legal Document AI Deconstruction Fast, Fun, Engaging, & Intuitive


User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Startup, acquired by Intelex


ehsAI is a Vancouver startup that has built and continues to build a document deconstruction enterprise software using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help Environment Health & Safety (EHS) professionals take their work from paper to the digital domain. This allows them to do their work faster and with more accuracy. The team at ehsAI did something where others had tried and failed, and some said was impossible. I was the sole designer on the team designing this disruptive EHS SaaS product from concept to fully functioning application in less than six months being happily used by EHS professionals from a variety of companies including Koch Ag Energy Solutions, ALL4, Mosaic, a big tech company, and more.

Value Delivered

Successfully delivered designs to integrate with AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that transform unstructured data from regulations and permits into useable compliance information.

The cost and time savings for customers can be as high as 80 percent.

Simplifying complex interactions, creating hybrid UI for new interactions.

Bring to life a disruptive technology that upends paper and pen with AI and a digital interface.

Features Built

AI Classification UI
Design Custom Set of Icons
Date Picker
Error Messages
Lists & Pagination
Loading Animations
Notifications & Updates
Page Range Viewer & Selector
Table Editing & Reconstruction UI
Upload Manager
Versioning & History


The time-savings is amazing

…table editing feature is a thing of beauty. It just knows where the lines are when the cells have been split on the left or right! it's amazing!

The whole process feels like a video game, it’s entertaining, it’s fun

Intuitive and easy

Good UX Goes a Long Way to Helping Customers Achieve Their Goals & Increase Customer Cart Conversion


Senior Product Designer
PNI Media


PNI Media builds and designs digital products for some of the world’s largest retailers such as Staples, Costco, Sam's Club, and Fedex. I was responsible for taking UX/UI projects from the Staples US Website Apollo initiative through research, ideation, mockups, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, accessibility analysis, user testing, UI breakpoints, and final hand off for development with follow up. We used the SAFe Scaled Agile methodologies such as design thinking and customer centred approach to improve team performance, team engagement, and productivity.

Value Delivered

Significantly improved percentage of users successfully reaching the cart for multi-file print jobs for US Staples nationwide.

Surpassed expectations for customer account migration, retaining more customers and providing an easy transition experience.

Simplifying the configurator flow and allowing customers to have a larger continuous view of their images and documents.

Features Built

Account Migration Experience Design
Account Profile Personalization
Account Customization
Configurable Product Options Stepper
Error Messages
Increase Customer Cart Conversion
Improve Customer Success
Upload Manager

Quotes From Teammates

I learned a lot while working with you. You are always positive and proactive. You are a great teammate and an awesome support and friend

You were so great to work with and you are a great designer I wish I had the opportunity to learn more from you

I see great things in your future. You are a delight to work with and a total pro

Reduce Bullying & Other Online Toxicity to Increase Community Engagement for Gaming & Social Apps


User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Product Design
Front End Development
Two Hat Security
2013, 2014–2017
Startup, later acquired by Microsoft


Two Hat built an artificial intelligence (AI) chat filter and content moderation Saas product Community Sift for social networks. Designed and built custom interface templates for this app serving global clients such as TikTok (Musical.ly), SuperAwesome (PopJam), Kabam (Marvel Comics), Roblox, and others. Communicated directly with clients to assess and create solutions. Established a design system for the main app. Collaborated in designing the user experience and user interface for the Sift Ninja app. Implementing user stories, user testing, wireframing, and prototyping. Building the application from a concept to a completed shipped product.

Value Delivered

Improved customer's moderation speed up to twice as fast as before. The moderators were also able to be more accurate. Feedback included positive comments about the improved functionality of the new layout as well as the benefits of less scanning distance between content and moderator actions.

Faster moderation means less bad actor disruptions and a more positive community.


Dashboard Design
Design First Prototype
Design Language Rating System
Front End Development
Improve Chat Moderation Queues
Website Design
Work Closely with Clients


With Sift we have effectively reduced moderation, with about 70% of mod workload having been reduced...this is giving time back to our mods who are able to engage with the community and otherwise focus on the user experience

The success of our daily operations depends upon our relationship with Two Hat Security. We have an excellent working relationship with them and know they’ll respond to any problems within minutes. They’re like fine waiters, there when you need them with exactly what you need!

Mike really understood what it was that we wanted and needed and met our goals of keeping it really simple and focused